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Friday, December 3, 2010

Metro_NM - Skazka

Conceived as a sort of demo/showcase recording, Skazka turns out to be a fantastic, wicked mini-album of high concentrated and impulsive music: industrial, abstract ambient, broken idm. Skazka in Russian means «a fairytale»: in the album you will find all sorts of Russian popular tales, dissolved in aggressive and dark music.

Re-released as a part of eponymous full-length album by Entity net-label in 2005:
It's not the first time that Entity virtually dwells in the depths of Russia, and with good reason (CD-R, Cisfinitum, anyone?)! This Metro_NM release for instance, of which the first track was originally released on the Top-40.org netlabel, reminds us of the surreal scopes and depth that is seemingly prevalent in their experimental musical subculture.
Ingeniously switching between rhythmic, ambient, vocal and abstract passages, the title track is a sublime journey into Vladimir's almost poetic universe. The insane variety in this piece definitely warrants multiple rewarding listening sessions. What follows are emotionally charged, less chaotic, beautifully crafted atmospheres that come very highly recommended as well. Must-hear.


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