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Friday, December 3, 2010

LegionL'Etoile du Matin- Noir

"...I allowed my friend Edgeist to listen to some of these samples, and he was like "dude, you've got everything you need to start an album". I followed his words, and started to work on the thing. A few days later, "Scorched Earth" and "Haunted Cathedral" were born. Once again, Edgeist was very enthusiastic, so I kept working, and other tracks were born. Then time passed, I created a few more tracks, and reworked most of the first tracks, sometimes very deeply ("Haunted Cathedral", which ultimatly turned into a remix of one of Edgeist's piece of music, has now almost nothing similar with the 2005 original version)."

L'etoil du matin noir is dark, ambient, a soundtrack for the obscure. Great album, so thanks Edgeist for encouraging Legion to create this album.


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