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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

White Nois Stasis - The Garden of Unearthed Machines

Created as a solo project in '98 from the ashesof projects such as cLEAN and Synthetic Gods, ][en Michael (White Nois Stasis) articulates many styles, from ambient soundscaping to grinding ethereal industrial noize, and hybrids it with an atmosphere of madness, disgust, seclusion, and a glimmer of hope.
"The Garden of Unearthed Machines" is a thriving and addictive industrial oriented assemblage with the clean compelling rhythms and immersive atmospheric elements (such as piano, sitar and electric guitars) that make WNS stand out in the styles that have trademarked him over the last 3 years - through albums like "To Dismantle Insects" (abhnt) and "Corrosive" (liquid binary recs).
7 unmissable tracks, including a windowshattering reinterpretation by UndaCova.


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