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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ellende - Sleepsoup

Serving as a soundtrack to Wim Bontjes' (deceased co-founder of the Ellende group) "Book of Illusion", Ellende's release on Entity is - much like their other netreleases (Ti Con Zero (No Type), Mini Madness (Fukkgod) and The Delegation From Nowhere (Tinnitus)) - a very thoughtful and conceptual piece of work which came to us in handmade mini-cdr packaging.

Both "Ten Years a Second" and "Sleepsoup" urge you their creeping catatonia, leaving your thoughts in between illusion and reality. Infinite drones come haunt you from all sides like a nightmare, bringing with them nearly uncontrastable layers of muffled recordings, detuned instruments and echoes from forgotten memories. Assembled at the Plantation (2003).


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