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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Terra Engine-Hive Mind

The third album by Terra Engine, "Hive Mind" returns to the nebulous genre known as 'power ambience' in this series of compositions dedicated to exploring various aspects of group consciousness, both in terms of insect life, upper mammals, and humanity in general. This is ambient drone music, although it does not succumb to the lifeless cliche of 'minimalist catacomb echoes'. Instead, this album is infused with electrical currents: abolishing the duality between activity and meditation. This energy, which is concentrated within a single individual, is exponentially multiplied when working in conjunction with a cohesive group, and is even further increased when the group is collectively acting towards a common goal ('group consciousness'/'groupthink').

This series of recordings follows the lifespan of a hypothetical 'hive' as it approaches the end of it's natural existence, beginning first with a breakdown in group communication, which leads to withholding objections from the group, due to the fact that each individual believes that their preferences will automatically run counter to the group's wishes (whether or not this is true is somewhat irrelevant, as such thinking will automatically cause internal friction) and finally ending to the final collapse of the hive (following a disruption of the colony, whether it is an external threat or an internal contagion).

Hive Mind Movements (As Interpreted By John Lithium):

The Abilene Paradox (Discontent Is Concealed / Dark Glimpse)
Eusocial (The Pulse Of The Colony)
Stimergy (Environmental Cues / Funeral)
Kin Altruism (The Sacrifice / Stonebrood)
Hive Collapse (Unease / Death Of The Colony)


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