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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jon 7-Time

After an extended break in recording, label head Jon 7 presents his first full release for Timetheory, an expansive, double-CD contribution to the "Time" series.
Each track on "Time" was inspired by a time zone on the North American continent, and the mood of each piece tries in some way to capture some quality, real or imagined, of the geographical areas in each zone.

An overall calm and tranquil feeling runs through this release, designed to be just as useful for relaxing the mind as for watching the night sky with a telescope. It's the most ambient and almost new-age music Jon 7 has recorded in a long time, but it has twists and quirks closer to the older school of electronic space music. As part of the exploration of the "Time" theme, each track also makes use of the space between notes and sounds to resegment the sense of time in different ways. "Newfoundland Time", a full disc-length single track, especially embodies the concept. Sparse bell tones ring out and into silence like the space between stars and begin to fill it up as cluster of them appear.

"Time" is full of synthetic textures and dynamics. Though essentially a relaxing album, its shifts and changes try to keep a relaxed mind stimulated with intriguing patterns and tones.

"Time" is a series of recordings on Timetheory Recordings that is intended to open up to any and all artists who have the notion of using sound to paint their interpretation and concept of time as the subject matter. It is largely inspired by other successful recording series from other influential artists and netlabels, yet it will strive to become its own entity.

The "Time" series runs concurrently with Timetheory Recordings' "Theory" series. Participation is open to any and all artists who wish to submit material to either project. The guidelines are: 1) the material must be specifically composed for the purpose, 2) bitrate for mp3's supplied must be at least 192 kbps, 3) the album itself must be called "Time" or "Theory". However the individual track(s) may be called whatever you desire. Submissions are not required to be single-track long- or midforms, they can be developed any way you see fit. 4) Artwork for all Timetheory releases is handled in-house, by Jon 7. Digital images you may wish to have included are gladly accepted however, and appropriate credit will be given in the release's liner notes.

To participate, contact us:
on Myspace: www.myspace.com/timetheorynetlabel
by email: jon7evenAThotmailDOTcom


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