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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowman Lost His Head - Monster

Alan Florit's project Snowman Lost His Head has recorded a collection of deep moodscapes called "Monster." These compositions are a reverie on the human condition, as illustrated in abstract sounds.

Snowman Lost His Head is Alan Florit
All Tracks Recorded & Produced by Alan Florit
2007-2008, Menorca

01 Prelude
02 Johan
03 Interlude I
04 Has vist que gran s'esta fent el monstre que duim a dins
05 Interlude II
06 Habitacio 101
07 Kinderheim
08 Epilogue

Alan Florit, a citizen of Menorca, is part of the musical collective Sinevara. SLHH is an experimental electronic music project exploring a variety of concepts. "Monster" is a sequel to "The Dharma Project" (released on Modisti), shining a light on "the human being, the emotions and feelings that we have and our humanity that we are losing in the last times."

The artist would like to thank all listeners of this album, who by doing so give it a purpose for being.


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