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Monday, January 10, 2011

Saluki Regicide & Mystified - A Foreign Installation

This is the third collaboration between Mystified and Saluki Regicide. This time the concept is unique: one is assigned all frequencies below 1kHz, and the other gets everything above. The upper and lower halves were not united until the final mix, and then only adjusted for compatible levels and fades.

Recorded by Thomas Park & C.P. McDill
Produced & Mastered by C.P. McDill, 2008

Thomas Park (Mystified): Drones, Everything below 1kHz
C.P. McDill (Saluki Regicide): Samples, Everything above 1kHz

01 Out Demons Out
02 Not a Dream
03 Deluge
04 Paperback
05 Consensus of Reality
06 Some Kind of Pulsation
07 Message from Mars
08 Mother Nature

Mystified is a prolific recording artist who has numerous releases on Webbed Hand and other netlabels, as well as a growing discography of commercial releases. To learn more about this artist visit mystifiedmusic.com.

Saluki Regicide is one of several of C.P. McDill's recording projects. All of Saluki Regicide's output is available from Webbed Hand. Visit cpmcdill.com to see C.P. McDill's complete discography and learn more about the artist.


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