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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Say My Lovehole, Hanga Gallon - Universumix

In this release, you'll find Say My Lovehole (Sami Louhela/Ceniq) on the tapedeck and Hanga Gallon (Henkka Kyllönen/no Xivic) throwing an enormous diversity of samples at it. In a virtually random matter, they improvised "Universumix" on the spot - disregarding any common musical tendency. It resulted in what is arguably our most controversial release to date.
Expect something quite raw, hard to digest, maybe even a listening endurance test, but nonetheless also an interesting excursion into sound. You've been warned.
As this stuff seemed great sourcematerial for remixing purposes, we've asked EOF, Hackeronte, Tirriddiliu, ps and Erratic to bring us their personal reinterpretations, which turned out surprisingly unique and different.

No Xivic: http://media.urova.fi/~hekyllon/
Maito (Ceniq's netlabel): http://milk.scene.org


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