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Friday, January 7, 2011

Pavonine - Pavonine

"Pavonine is an ambient project that utilises small nuances of sounds in order to create enveloping soundscapes for somnambulists.

Each track tells a very personal story using field recordings, found sound, and frequency modulation. The telling is in the smallest points of the tracks as much as the overall environments created.

As always, I recommend headphones and dark rooms. I hope you enjoy what I am sharing as much as I enjoyed its creation."

Pavonine is Adrienne Russell
Original cover art by J. Morgan of Ghost Animal Funeral Song
Sincere gratitude to: Mr Morgan, Matt LaComette, Liz Gomez, Rick
Reed, Judge Kirkwood, and Chris Bradbury

Track List:

01 Méfie-toi de l'eau qui dort
02 Bon sang ne saurait mentir
03 Rassemblement des choses qui portent malheur
04 Chose promise, chose due (bonus)


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