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Friday, January 7, 2011

Akashic Crow's Nest - Torment of the Metals

The sound of Akashic Crow's Nest begins with the use of an image synthesizer which turns very long photographic images into audio output, in the manner of a piano roll. The initial part of composing this music is thus designing the picture. For this latest project, the first audio output is converted to midi and run through a different softsynth, before being subjected to a battery of effects to get to the sounds you hear on this album.

Recorded & Produced by C.P. McDill
March, 2009
cover art by Aria Nadii (arianadii.com)

01 Dissolve (00:23:28)
02 Distill (00:07:20)
03 Resolidify (00:36:54)


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