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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

d.compose - Analysis

U.S. based Bret Truchan (d.compose) is an extremely talented experimental artist that shows how far dark electronics have evolved to this day. Detailed morphing soundtextures combined with a great sense of chaotic compositional subtlety bring the d.compose listening experience to a uniquely high level, as only fortunates that have heard his groundbreaking album "Seed" (out on Unmediated Productions) already know. Seamlessly and most of the time unconsciously transforming from one obscure passage to the next, it is hard to keep up with d.compose's overwhelming mental projection, and in that way he doesn't only urge you to forget what just happened and enjoy the moment, but also to have you listening over and over again since this stuff hardly gets boring.

Next, none other than Exclipsect, who has already earned his respect as an artist in the rhythmic noise scene, took on one of d.compose's tunes and turned it into a hard industrial noise track.

To wrap it up, Duncan Avoid approached d.compose's soundsources through strange timbre shifts and infinitely self-combusting objects in abstract "Cybernetics"-style.


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