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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chango Feo - Signs of the Unseen

From Austin (TX) comes Chango Feo, who may already be known to you through his highly acclaimed "Alaska" release on Hive Records. Not as new, but by no means less intriguing, he offered us a collection of live recordings that had never seen daylight, until now!
The first 3 tracks on this ep were taken from the "San Francisco Sound" tv-show (July 2000), where Lenny (guitar/sampler) was accompanied by friends such as Jen Lilith (vocals) of Red Right Hand and XSX, and BrYan GlosemeYer (sampler/bass) of Relapse Trigger. The 2 following tracks were recorded at a show that he did with a butoh group called "Flesh and Blood Mystery Theater" (San Francisco, March 2000).
In short, here's another 34 minutes of compelling mystery, expressed through both ambient and rhythmic textures, intense vocals and profound electronic manipulation.



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