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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Various Artists - Webbed Hand Presents ... The Darkdrone Mix

Webbed Hand Records presents a selection of tracks by Webbed Hand artists regularly featured in streaming audio on Darkdrone Radio, a netstation which showcases the best of ambient, drone, and experimental recordings.

From the first few months of Webbed Hand's existence as a netlabel, Darkdrone Radio has recognized its potential as a source of excellent sounds. Darkdrone has regularly featured works by Webbed Hand artists in its rotation, right in there alongside more prominent artists such as Rapoon, Vidna Obmana, and Brian Eno.

To show our appreciation for this abundance of promotion and exposure, we're collaborating with Darkdrone to assemble this mix of new work and special edits of work already released.

If you have enjoyed the many past releases on Webbed Hand, you'll definitely like all of the music on Darkdrone Radio. Tune into their regularly updated audio stream.


01 mayfairgrin - The Azulenic Cycle (edit)
02 Mystified - Heaves
03 Saluki Regicide - Coach and Six (remix)
04 Akashic Crow's Nest - Nycticorax
05 spoonPhase - Lost Aquarium
06 Djinnestan - Rain 1 (edit)
07 Tree Helicopter - Ay Ulella (remix)
08 Mystified - Current Events
09 Saluki Regicide - To The Other Side (remix)
10 Djinnestan - Dirty Work
11 Mystified - Gibbet
12 Saluki Regicide - Mooring Mast (remix)
13 Tree Helicopter - Count Control Control (remix)
14 Akashic Crow's Nest - Rain 1 (edit)


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