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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Toon 4

Halfway June 2008, one of the best noise artists from the Netherlands disappeared without a trace: Stirner. To this day, we have no idea what happened to him. Norss contacted us about this. It had been playing on his mind for quite some time and he came up with the idea of honouring Tony’s work in the form of remixes. Neither an obituary, nor a nocturne, but a celebration of Stirner’s work. Hoping that he will hear this at some point. Because Norss and Okkulth Records are positive that he’s around somewhere! And here’s to hoping he’ll be proud of this work when he hears it. (Insert smiley here.)

The response to Norss’ call for remixes was enormous! The fourth and final batch is presented here, featuring Blasfemonauta, Ego Death, Ewe, Fever Spoor, Ghoul Detail, Jon 7, Mystified, Norss, Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh and Zieltogend. This (probably) concludes the Toon series. The original plan was to release everything in a limited 4CDR box, but we reckoned that this stuff should be available to everyone who wants to hear it. Oh yeah, why is it called Toon? Two reasons: obviously because it is Stirner’s first name. But also because toon is the Dutch word for sound. Something we are all obsessed with!


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