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Monday, December 6, 2010

Saluki Regicide - Rain II

A 74-minute hallucination, warm as a crackling fire, and casting many peculiar shadows.

The Webbed Hand Records "Rain" series is graced by a second contribution from Saluki Regicide.

Rain is a series of conceptual CDs produced under the auspices of Webbed Hand Records. Each "Rain" is a CD-length ambient recording ideal for listening to while relaxing, working, or socializing. This should be played at a low volume, for best effect, preferably as background ambience as you are going to sleep.

Thank you for listening to this Webbed Hand Records release. Please visit the WHR homepage to explore our complete catalog of experimental and ambient recordings. All of our music is free to download, but we'd be very grateful if you could make a small donation (via Paypal) to help with the costs of maintaining a netlabel.


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