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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rafael Flores & Mystified - Intrigue

Masterful abstract paintings in sound, wrought through the collaborative brilliance of Raphael Flores and mystified (aka Thomas Park). A transatlantic masterpiece of shared samples and creative accord. Each sent a selection of recordings to the other for mixing, and the results are here for you to enjoy.

Rafael Flores hails from Andújar, Spain. Under his own name, and also as "Commando Bruno" he has appeared on many solo albums as well as compilations since 1981. A veteran of experimental sound exploration, his prowess shines brightly on this Webbed Hand release. He also appears on "To Ancient Noise" [wh024]. Visit his website to get updates on his prolific recording projects.

Mystified (aka Thomas Park), a familiar artist to Webbed Hand fans, has returned with another remarkable work. Mystified's recording career spans back many years and across many subgenres of electronica, and his work is fast gaining recognition and respect in the public esteem. Visit his website for more information.

01 Subsuelo I
02 Five Chinese Miners
03 Mineral I
04 Mineral II
05 Vera + Cruz
06 Abisal
07 Fiebre Del Oro
08 Manantial Que No Cesa
09 Hello Stations
10 Convey
11 Pedestrian
12 On A Plate
13 BuzzBase

Tracks #1-8 Flores & Mystified
Tracks #9-13 Mystified & Flores


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