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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mika Björklund - Gunkanjima

Sound artist Mika Björklund's latest project is a journey by evocation to the abandoned island city of Gunkanjima, which for a while during the 20th Century contained a heavily populated mining settlement. This desolate place still has its apartment towers, factories, schools and other building intact but crumbling.

Through drones, musique concrete and other idioms of electronic music, Mika guides us through its resonant passageways.

Previous releases by Mika Björklund on Webbed Hand Records includes Risen (wh066) and Nocturne (wh054).

Recorded and Produced by Mika Björklund, 2005.

Track List:

01 Birds in Fog
02 City of Dust
03 Skeletal Structures
04 Still
05 Sound of Solitude
06 Departure

cover art by C.P. McDill


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