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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

melophobia - 10_2 M

Melophobia is an artist from Greece whose abstract manipulations of sound are alternately ambient and aggressive.

"melophobia is the sound of our inside... this project is not about music, not about ideas, not about fun... this is what we hear everyday, apart from music.
we record the sounds we find free out there, then we manipulate them, some guitars or voices may be found live or sampled... our best instrument is a record player and a lot of vinyls stacked there asking for our mercy...
some people found this disc accidentally, we tend to do this...
all the others should use headphones in order to underline all sounds..." -- melophobia

recorded & processed on the last quarter of 2010
in Greece, by melophobia
contact : dxt@in.gr

Track list:
1. calling [01:00]
2. church love [02:20]
3. euro-voting [07:38]
4. capitalism fairplay [10:25]
5. capital air s/m [02:05]
6. greek-voting [10:36]
7. bells are ringing [06:01]
8. damb [00:28]
9. jz I [00:30]
10. friday midnight [19:48]
11. jz II [00:35]
12. blck mgc wmn [03:11]

Total Playing Time: 00:64:59


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