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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Massimo CroceInterferenze by M. Croce

My approach to music is like the one of the great Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo (1885-1947). Obviously I’m using different instruments, but if I can do it is because Russolo, the big Genius Russolo, was the first musician who built new instruments to create souds-noises. Russolo made mechanical instruments, or better he built the last mechanical instruments, which are called "Intonarumori (noises-toner), after him the new instruments have been only electrical ones, up to now that we are using the best electrical instrument: the computer. Russolo has been like a zip between the old music and the new one. So why was Russolo the first modern musician? Because he was the first one who thought about the importance of playing with sounds produced by modern life. Russolo has been the first who imagined the new music reproducing new modern life, in his mind he imagined the first sampler, and his "Intonarumori was the first ‘sampler reproducing the noise of modern life in the city. Schömberg was the last classical musician and Russolo was the first modern musician, but history recognizes the important role of Schömberg, but doesn’t recognize Russolo’s one in all modern music, including pop and rock. The manifesto called The Art of noise was written in 1913 by Luigi Russolo, of course all modern music is based on some noises, this is why each one of my soundtracks are dedicated to Luigi Russolo and his manifesto for the new music. In my music I use two different kinds of noise: the noise which I record in the street of the city and the noise which is possible to produce with the all electronic instruments, like the synt, sampler, effects… and now there is also the computer and the big opportunity offered by internet. I’m here in this web site because I hope to meet someone who wants to create music with me through exchanging the sound-noises via internet. I think it would be a great opportunity finding someone who has sound-noise recording from the city, mixing them with mine, then using both of us the same sound-noise as base to create a soundtrack but each one of us on his own - and when we have finished our works, listening to the two different results we’ll have obtained".

Massimo Croce

further information: www.myspace.com/crocemassimo and


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