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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Leaving Earth "the Cosmic Abyss" EP

Leaving Earth (e yard - USA, and the helmeticrononaut - Norway) have taken a turn from their previous work, and are here with a spacey, calm, ambient EP called "the Cosmic Abyss".

This is what decaying gravitational waves sound like to planets. This is the sound of carbon monoxide buildup in a kosmonaut's bloodstream. It is the sound of mold spreading through an abandoned space station. It is the feeling of surrender upon facing the infinite blackness of space. It is the solar wind reaching uranus. It is the tranquil movements of red velour curtains covering the porthole of a cabin in an alien spaceship. It is space dissolving. It is Leaving Earth's new EP; the cosmic abyss.

visit: www.geocities.com/leavingearth_music


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