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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kristus Kut / Zieltogend - Rebirth

Two hypnotizing acts from the Netherlands have teamed up here. Kristus Kut comes up with two originals, Zieltogend has remixed these.

The Kristus Kut tracks were made during a spiritual journey at the Rebel Headquarters. One enters a audiosonic tunnel and floats on the waves of sound to the light at the end. The arrival will be experienced as a rebirth. One will loose the weight of his troubles. They dissolve in the waves of sound. Just sit down. Just experience. Dim the light. Close your eyes. And focus on the sounds... Jump in and drown... And be reborn in silence...

Zieltogend became infatuated with these songs and asked permission to the voodoo priest LSB to do some remixing. Granted. And here are the results. Very minimal and spacey, as you’d expect really.


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