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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kristus Kut - Dood Bloed

A great save, this! Kristus Kut had actually ‘thrown’ this track away already. Until we forced him to recover it. A deep-droning trance-inducing meditative monster!

Let the voodoo priest speaketh: ‘Dood Bloed’ is about the smell of rotten blood. The smell that crawls through walls, a smell so dirty and sweet and full of decay, it makes your intestines turn inside out. The smell of death. The track is made to meditate on the deep horrors of the soul. The hidden fears. The obscured dreams and nightmares. It will make you experience feelings you never thought you could ever have. Free yourself. Jump in and float on the deep drones and beats...

Kristus Kut is the harsh ritual noise project of LSB, the mad voodoo lover of the south.

“Horrific meditation”


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