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Thursday, December 9, 2010

jbible - The Journey Of Enoch LP

Jeremy Bible - The Journey of Enoch (1998-2000 / age 18-20)

Looking back 2010: As I prepare to start the next chapter in my personal explorations with sound, after a bit of a hiatus, I have been revisiting old material. The one I found most interesting was this album and have been listening and thinking back on it. Wanted to tell a little more about it. These are essentially my early dirty, dark, and rough, synth experiments. Recorded roughly between 1998-2000 (age 18-20). On various old synths and gear. Some my own. Some friends. Some roommates. Pre computer for me. I know there is Moog, FM7, Juno, and various other synths used in there. And tons of random pedal/fx chains etc. The only physical copies that were ever made were just a handful on CDr packaged in old floppy disc outer sleeves and handed out at The Peanut Gallery in Akron, OH... a gallery/performance space I helped manage summer of 2000... and where Experimedia was born. I am tempted to do a remaster and look into having a physical edition made.... as it feels quite relevant to me at this moment. I wonder would there be interest in a vinyl edition? It actually feels more relevant to me now than it did then. I understand from what some artists have told me that this album was very influential in their course to create ambient music. This was finally posted to internet archive and the Experimedia netlabel catalog in 2004. Since then it has been downloaded over 22,000 times. Which is quite a shockingly high number to me. Wonder who is listening out there? Anyhow. Thanks for listening.

"jbible's the Journey of Enoch is the essence of dark ambient. its your dreams in sonic form. its your thoughts objectively manifested. Its your reminder that you are alive, while tricking you into thinking you are dead at the same time. Its a monster crawling from underneath the soil and into the shadows as natural as a breeze and incognito as a microscopic parasite feeding on your dead skin. The Journey of Enoch is unexplainable. It leaves the listener speechless during, and after the intake of the album. The only way to do it justice is to take a week off from all responsibility and let this masterpiece wash over you for days on end. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to gain a higher understanding of what your brain does without you." - Brian Grainger / Milieu


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