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Monday, December 6, 2010

Holger Flinsch - Organon

holger flinsch from frankfurt (.de) is one of the rare artists which musical productions range between deepest ambient music and clubtechno. and yet he walks the genres with highest precision.

well known for his elektrolux/mikrolux release "regayov"
and for his various releases on labels like basalt, choke, eruptive, konfekt, phono elements, thinner and tongut.
his longplayers "collapsing new people" on punkt musik, and "der zehnte juli" on choke remain unforgettable. our pleasure to present his second netaudio release on this important date.

for realaudio.ch holger flinsch goes into static spheres reminding at the sound subtleness of a pete namlook, with beats and clicks vladislav delay and plastikman would certainly give a second listen.

"organon" consists of five tracks recorded in autumn 2003 at "the exile chamber" and "the underdoor" studios, musically glued into a story by the artist himself.
warm ambient at its best..


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