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Saturday, December 11, 2010

ghostheory - Rain

This new electroacoustic longform piece by Andrew Latham's Ghostheory project takes Webbed Hand's "Rain" concept in a darker, more industial direction. A shifting palette of drones, clangs, inscrutable noises, and static are all blurred together into a hypnotic journey that could be either soothing or stimulating, depending on your volume settings.

Andrew Latham has previously released on Webbed Hand as mayfairgrin: "Spider & The Moon" (wh035), "Pelicagnosis" (wh037), and "We Have Walked Behind Skies and Danced About Architecture" (wh048). Additionally he has many recordings at Mannequin Oddio Media Collective.

Recorded and produced by Andrew Latham
Cover by Andrew Latham
Summer/Fall 2005


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