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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Djinnestan - Rain 1

A nice review from Igloo Magazine:

:: While wandering around Webbed Hand Records' website, I got sidetracked by their Rain series (and, frankly, getting side-tracked on their website is very easy to do with the large amount of music they have available), a collection of ambient records based around, well, rain. I snagged Djinnestan's Rain I and Rain II and lost myself for two hours in the pattering sound of natural water. Rain I obscures Twin Peaks type vocal loops (querulous whale voices that rise up like thought balloons through the murk of the mix), melodies of bell trees, the creaking of old wood, and hints of static loops with the ever-present drizzle of water from rooftops, river banks and stone buttresses. It's the creaky part of town where you've wandered on this rainy day, and the shadows are filled with waterlogged ghosts and the porches are uneven, sighing with age and decrepitude with each rain drop that hits them.

Rain II is even more ghostly, filled with hints of rain that have been obscured by the mist that seems to bleed out of the sky and the low-crawling fog that coalesces along the ground. Even as the crickets take over, singing their stringed melodies across a field tinkling with tiny bells, you can't shake the illusion that this foggy world is haunted, and it is the ever-present drip of water that keeps everything at bay. God forbid the rain would stop and the ground would dry up. Who knows what we would find if we could see the plains about us.


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