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Sunday, December 26, 2010

ATER - Ater Corpora Sanguis

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Ogg Vorbis · Ars Rito· Tenebra

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ATER - Ater Corpora Sanguis (Okk031) (November 21, 2008)

1 Ars Rito 15:08
2 Tenebra 09:40

embed thisATER is one of the projects of Albert B, co-founder of Likantropika, and is perhaps the most peculiar of all. Meditative, mystical, sailing between minimalistic industrialism and horror movie sounds. Ambient from the Pyrenean Mountains. ATER is the dark side of the simple things, like the fear that causes the unknown... ATER is the solitude and the negligence, the passage of time, the secret beauty... ATER is only the life, to be able to understand the death.

Ater Corpora Sanguis has been composed especially for Okkulth following the label’s spirit. Two tracks that treat the obscurantism, the vision of the death waiting placidly in the bed of the moribund. It is ambient atmospheric, almost ritualistic, dark but simultaneously luminous. Close your eyes and listen, your mind will fill with dense images and extra-earthly feelings.

“Horrific darkness”


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