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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Argedco Dosig g Manin

The phrase "argedco dosig g manin" is Enochian for "invoke night in the mind". With that concept as a guideline, the members of Luciftias and Conqueror Worm set out to create a series of soundscapes that would aid in freeing one's mind from the ordinary. The material beckons the listener to let go of the physical and embrace the intangible.

...a word of warning, however. Some of the tracks utilize a technique known as brainwave synchronization. When using headphones to listen to these pieces, the left and right channels will, at first, appear to be somewhat "out of sync". Over a period of time, the brain will synchronize the two signals thereby causing particular brainwaves to exist (e.g. delta, theta, etc.) This can produce a variety of mindsets, from relaxation to heightened learning abilities --- in other words, this material works both consciously and subconsiously and may not be suitable for epileptics or persons undergoing psychiatric treatment.


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