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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tribe of Astronauts - Shardmonic

Tribe of Astronauts manifests yet again on Webbed Hand with this bevy of mutant sounds, showing eclectic styles of expression, as is to be expected of a collective of artists.

01 Meditate (04:33)
02 Bubble Sludge (03:38)
03 Iron Worms (08:23)
04 Two Misconceptions (11:32)
05 Shardmonic (05:03)
06 Your Fight (10:52)
07 Vue (05:11)
08 Snow Phoenix (05:10)
09 Chain Reaction (12:03)

Total length: 01:06:25

Recorded and produced
in various locations
in the Early 21st Century
by Tribe of Astronauts

The inscrutable Tribe of Astronauts is a collective of varying number. Little can be known about the Tribe of Astronauts because they hide behind digital masks.


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