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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ricardo Alrucini & Anastasia Vronski-The Divine Huntress

Recorded: Jul.2010.

Anastasia Vronski recorded and mixed the sounds from the machine of her computer with two microphones in her home studio at the Permiac region where she lives, not far from the Uralic border of the European Russia.
Ricardo Alrucini recorded and mixed the industrial ambiences and drums, resonances, from tempered steel discs with an audio recorder in Porto, where he lives, not far from Atlantic border of Europe, in Portugal.

This is the first cooperation for the young musician from Russia, Anastasia Vronski.
She has 6 previous releases, all solo, on this and other net labels: "The Spell" ; "The Snowgirl" ; "The Blaze" ; "The Drowner" ; "The Intruder" ; "The Sputnik"
and the piece "Vronski Work Camp" released on: "Ugly 7" compilation.

recording and mixing the machine computer drone: Anastasia Vronski
record. and mix. drums, resonances and final mix.: Ricardo Alrucini


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