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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Nature of Light - Shores of Jupiter

Written, Recorded and Produced by: The Nature of Light
Mastered by R. Terwilliger
Date: Febuary 2008
Recorded at: The Cabin

Track Listing:
01 Alien Windstorm
02 Reacquainting with an Old Soul
03 Time Stands Still
04 Ocean Deep Eyes
05 Swimming with the Stars Part III
06 Swimming with the Stars Part VIII
07 Between the Blue
08 Sounds that Echo on the Shoreline

From the artist:

Seemingly familiar, the shores beckon and beg to meet you again...
How many times before have you been on these beaches?
Perhaps this is your first visit, or perhaps this is your life cycle...
A circle, ongoing...the shores have no end, and they wait...endlessly for your return...
Our time has come around once more...and I have waited a lifetime for you...
In these moments, I sit and smile at a rather striking concept...
The sounds heard here have been heard before, and as always, will be heard again my dear...
In this life, and the next, as the ones before and after...I will wait, on these sandy beaches...
My hand out, heart open and eyes closed...for you...my love, my lover, my Jupiter...

First and foremost, to everyone who has supported this project by whatever means you have.
Kimberly: You truly are five feet of inspiration. This album speaks what I do not (even though that isn't much), it is the language of my soul. I know you hear it well.
C.P. McDill: For support, conversation and faith in what we make.
Rob: Your feet are big, but you make us sound bomb.


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