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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mystified- A Pale But Lasting Hope Preview Package

Mystified assembled 5 atmospheric tracks and fulfilled one of his dreams by having ambient master Robert Rich remaster these tracks. The complete release, "A Pale But Lasting Hope", is out as a digital download (all formats) from Magnatune. Presented here are free supplemental materials, to give listeners a sample of Robert's work on "A Pale But Lasting Hope". Included is 1 hi-fidelity audio sample, in mp3 and flac formats, which is an edit of the first track from the album. Also included are 4 wmv videos, each original, made for edits of 4 of the other tracks. All music and video is by Mystified. If you enjoy the preview materials, Mystified hopes you will bookmark the Magnatune page and consider visiting for access to the complete album in early 2011. Magnatune is simple and virus-free, easy to navigate, and with free streams of all tracks.

Thank you for your time.

Quick note: Treetrunk recommends you download the video files, rather than trying to stream them. The bitrate is too high for effective streaming. Right-click and save, then watch the videos on your computer. Thank you.


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