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Monday, January 3, 2011

Mathieu Ruhlmann - The Calm of the Suns

In "The Calm of the Suns", Mathieu Ruhlmann (also known of labels such as Mystery Sea and S'Agita) gradually intrudes your perceptions using subtle and faintly recognisable recordings, while luring you into a dualistic mirage that's calm and haunting at the same time.
It shows that Mathieu has extensively dwelled on the borders of pure phonography, as his recordings are crystal clear, unnoticeably emerging and disappearing, inherently drawing attention away from itself.
In parallel, and perhaps distantly originating from the very occasional instrumental recordings ("Summerfall"), tonal drones form the foundational layers, providing a deeper harmonic additive and at times reaching a height in carefully crafted melodic textures ("Hares Honey Blood").
Whereas the beginning of this journey consists of more minimal elements, "The Calm" evolves towards a thicker and more pronounced ambience. This work requires several listens to hear just how nicely balanced the tracks are, and how well they fit into the whole. Rest assured you will discover new things every time.


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