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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Khate - Detritivore

The color of the sky at 5:57 a.m.; the smell of a dormant furnace,
revived; the feel of dusty boxes. Bells, blips, and boooooms.
Precipitation is inspiration. Closets are emptied --- long-hidden
treasure awaits.

Circuit-bent instruments, analog synths, abused vinyl, and field
recordings serve as the orchestra on this release. Best enjoyed on
chilly nights in low lighting.

'This is the very first of Khate releases to be of free nature'
We at JNN have been long time fans of her work, and are ever so proud
to bring you Detritivore. 13 tracks of sheer and unmistakably Khate sound.
If you've never heard of Khate before then here is your chance to taste,
be ready though to be succumbed and addicted.


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