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Thursday, January 13, 2011


"The message of music is a message on the world of sounds, on a world that all know, but still explore to fund both from the composer and from that of the public that enjoys it.

"The composer is the explorer that, digging in himself, travels in this world bringing us the fabulous news that of time in time he succeeds in discovering.

"The true composer is one who opens new streets of access in the tangle of the forest of sound, and that doesn't stop for any obstacle or exploit other people's discoveries to make their career and to enter in a mass-market more and more and culturally directed by the musical industry.

"It is for this that we need to wander, often in the dark, in search of a new light able to illuminate a road that leads to a truth, even if provisional, because the composer, as every other artist, doesn't do anything else other than try to demolish the walls of his experience in the attempt to always give one new awareness to the human communication.

"The world of sounds is not a closed world, its essence is that to be open. A world without confinements, an apéiron: an endless indefinite.

"The sound is anywhere."


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