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Monday, January 3, 2011

fp - Fiuk & Csajok

Fabrice Planquette (fp), who has released a lot of his fantastic stuff on Entity since its conception (as element.act, acta, a.s. and in most xE Phalanx projects) and quite recently also on Enough Records (fp - Traces), has returned with another great 13 track album!
His newest work is again an example of perfect production and a variety of contrasting styles. Interestingly enough, "Fiuk & Csajok" stays remarkably coherent as exotic rhythms, infectious melody, field recordings and filmic passages constantly take your emotions for an unusually intuitive ride. It's obvious that Fabrice has been long enough in the game to have established a range of recognisable styles which he executes better every release. And we couldn't be more proud to unleash this multitalented artist upon the world over and over again.



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