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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Black Aurora - Veil

"The concept behind the music of Black Aurora was to invoke a dark and empty atmosphere that at certain times would let light shine in, only to engulf it after it had shone too long. Between heavy, droning guitars, dark ambient pads, and the occasional use of church bells and orchestral strings, the music of Black Aurora is not only music, but an experience in creating a one of a kind atmosphere that brings the listener in, and wont let them out until the final droning note fades away." -- Greg Armbruster

All songs composed by Greg Armbruster. Instruments and plug-ins part of FL Studio 9,developed by Image-Line Software.
Created,November 2010

Track list
01 - Veil [09:37]
02 - The Church of Apprehension [10:43]
03 - Sepia [14:25]
04 - Radiance [06:42]
05 - Gates to Oblivion [12:10]


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