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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spheruleus - "Rust" E.P

This fifteen minute E.P showcases his typical production approach and sits somewhere in between the different styles of sound design to be heard on these two CD label releases. For the Rust E.P, Harry has fused treated instrument takes of zither, vibraphone, guitar, trumpet and harmonica with drones and field recordings. The mood of the E.P is light and mellow; designed as an audio representation of the rust process. It would have been all too easy to portray this with a much darker approach to sound art, but instead the pieces sound as if content to 'rust' away slowly as time elapses. The process of rusting is a slow and subtle degradation of a building, vehicle or object as it gradually head towards uselessness. This ageing process sits in line with the ephemoral existence of the physical human being and in many ways, our metallic creations reflect our own temporary lifespan. The very nature of ephemorality can be a saddening and daunting fact but when accepted, the mere simplicity of existence can be truly savoured for what it is.

Don't be bogged down with the unnecessary clutter that we humans weigh ourselves down with and enjoy one of life's most basic yet vital requirements - to draw breath and exist.


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