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Sunday, February 27, 2011

TZperX - Chronicles

TZ/X is a one man project experimenting with strong rhythm bases, uncommon song structures, strange melodies or harmonies and a lot of sound alternating. The atmosphere of tracks is often depressing, they are (like) episodes of a story, a kind of apocalypse.

When I hear a song, a voice or just a sound or some noise, I find an image, a color, a story in it. The depth, the height, the volume, the length, the rhythm of a sound all modify the impression, the image I see. Every second, every moment is an important piece of this vision in my mind. (This is why I really love the music people coming from fine arts create.)

Atmosphere and landscape is always together in a music.

Chronicles is the first TZ/X album released in 2010. To be continued...



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