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Friday, February 25, 2011

Black Math & Lucas Darklord-Summoning - Listening

The "Crypt Designers Guild - Summoning Series" is a series of downloadable Sonic Summoning Aides, each tailored to your specific needs, to assist in various Summoning Rituals, Practices, Rites and a number of other such things.

Summoning - Listening is the only sonic experience tailored to both instill and improve your listening ability. Hear things you've never heard before, in some cases you will find that you can actually hear.. and that you have only ever been experiencing strange delusions and have never really heard anything.

For full effect, listen to the full work in the morning before attempting to engage with anything. Additional listens at lunch time, and just after dinner have been scientifically proven to increase the effect and to allow you to hear things inaudible to others.

Can be used by the deaf to create hearing ability, and must be played at extreme volume to have an effect, in this specific example.

Extreme volume is always recommended. Listen responsibly.

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