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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tone Color - Today Will Not Be Like Tomorrow

With a four-strong collection of ambient tracks derived from fragments of midi files and unfinished tunes that date back several years, we welcome Tone Color to the Audio Gourmet netlabel catalog.

Tone Color is Manchester based artist Andy Lomas, whose influences of Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Ulrich Schnauss, Raster Noton, Cocteau Twins, Ymo and 12k spill into his work which takes on a loosely ambient/electronica feel on the whole.
He has had work featured on a compilation album on Earth Monkey back in 2007 and also, he contributed a minute-long piece for our Coffee Break Ambient compilation that was released last year.

It is from the piece for the Coffee Break compilation 'Less Than Zero' that we began discussing the possibility of a full 15 minute Tone Color EP to come out on Audio Gourmet. Andy provided us with the full length original version of this and took the time to shape the fragments of sound on his computer into the soundscapes that make up this fantastic EP.

For more information on future Tone Color projects, you can visit the following link to the artist's Facebook page:
creditsreleased 25 January 2011
Photography Jonathan Lees, Cragg Vale Photography (www.craggvalephotography.co.uk)

Mastered by Byron Felt, The Felt Collective (www.feltcollective.com)


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