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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This is a split from two chilean dark-surrealistic experimental proyect. Thanatoloop in this split give some kind of hiperdepressive piano-voice-noise songs, with some harsh and violent interludes. The first song was recordad in a complete state of radical angst. D`Four Me is a terrorific electro industrial noise psychedelic duo. Here you can find the hard "Legion", and the soft but ofensive "Gatos y ratoncitos" (Cats and little mouses). More info here: http://templosagital.blogspot.com

Info about the name of this online ep:
Fleischâ¢geist (flish'gist') n. From the German, Fleisch âmeatâ + Geist âspirit.â Spirit of the meat. (Thanks to MaryX for this information)

The amazing painting is from Fernando Pino:


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