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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wavespan & The Ghost Between the Strings - From Our Hands a Darkling Light

"Wavespan would like to extend a special thank you to Rurik Leffanta (xoxos), whose '23_words' VST was utilized to create the endlessly varying permutations of the jazz loop you hear throughout the piece. In addition, Wavespan and TGBTS are grateful to Michael Saunders (Metatheseus), who graciously permitted the sampling of his podcast."

The Labyrinth of Music Theory podcast can be found here at the Internet Archive:

The Labyrinth of Music Theory also provides an online forum at:

Rurik Leffanta's inspired VST creations can be found here:

The Ghost Between the Strings: Prepared Guitar (tgbts.com)
Wavespan: Sampling, Arrangements, Production (myspace.com/wavespan)

Vocal Sample in track 1: Michael Saunders (Metatheseus)
from "The Labyrinth of Music Theory" Podcast

Artwork by eg0cide S.A.

From Our Hands a Darkling Light
Track List:
01 Ghostwave Theorem [37:20]
02 Valley of the Stones [07:08]


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