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Monday, February 28, 2011

Narcotic Noise - Fullmoon Hypnosis


01 enTrance
02 Cycle of Lunacy
03 Noctambulant
04 Drowning in Pale Light
05 Food for the Moon
06 Midnight Rites
07 The Night of the Werewolf
08 Pondering Suicide
09 When Moon Became as Blood
10 Horrors of the Unconscious Mind
11 The Sleeper Must Not Awaken
12 Narcotization

Total Time: 82:00

Fifth album of Narcotic Noise explores using different types of rhythms in dark ambient music. Should be played around midnight during a full moon. If you get hypnotized, shift consciousness, fall into a coma, appear on the Moon or go insane, you've done it right. Side effects may include getting abducted by aliens. If that happens, send them to http://hauntedklinik.xtreemhost.com and make them download some albums. That will give them a headache and they will let you go. http://www.archive.org/download/NarcoticNoise-2009-FullmoonHypnosis/NarcoticNoise-2009-FullmoonHypnosis.rar

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