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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shaula - Oneiroi

Audio Gourmet is delighted to welcome Japanese artist Shaula to its ever expanding catalog, with these excellent two electro-acoustic ambient tracks.

Shaula is best known for debut album 'Haze', released earlier this year on the excellent Under The Spire imprint (www.underthespire.co.uk) and this is her first excursion since. Haze was a limited CD release featuring some excellent electro-acoustic drone compositions with subtle underlying field recordings, reminiscent of works by the likes of Pillowdiver.
I have heard that a follow up album is on its way later this year on Under The Spire; in the mean time, here we bring the free EP 'Oneiroi' from this superb artist.

Biographically, little is known about Shaula as the artist prefers to let the music do the talking. With Oneiroi, we have two thoroughly well designed ambient pieces. 'Gate Of Fulfil' is chiefly composition based - looped electro-acoustic patterns merge into a sleepy meditative track. Then 'Gate Of Ivory' heads down the drone route, with its blurred electro-acoustic origin.

This is a superb EP and an indication of the continued high calibre we intend to bring to this netlabel.

I would like to thank Z at Play My Tape for arranging this release and to also promote Shaula's podcast on Play My Tape, which can be streamed or downloaded here:


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