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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jukka Vakkinen-Kannonen - Improvisaatioita Kanssa Siniaanet

Jukka Vakkinen-Kannonen is a former TV documentary director who currently lives in Tampere, Finland. He now works as a computer technician assisting small architecture studios with IT services.

Initially intrigued by the work of local heroes Pansonic and Mika Vainio and then later by the work of György Ligeti, Iannis Xenakis, Arne Nordheim and Bernard Günter, Jukka started to perform and record short improvisations using sine waves and field recordings that he originally captured for his documentaries.

To accompany his work, he refers to the texts of German philosopher Martin Heidegger "...a place that the ideas and sensibility behind what I do seem to perceive as very familiar."

After four years and many hours of archived sounds accumulated through improvised sessions, he decided to edit them into a two-piece sound release titled Improvisaatioita Kanssa Siniaanet which simply means 'Improvisations With Sine Waves'
What is interesting with Jukka's work is that instead of the at times irritating and shrill sound that we often associated with sine waves, he has painstakingly carved out a pair of viscous soundscapes that manage to coax out a sense of calm and transition between his several years' worth of source material.

Transition seems to be Vakkinen-Kannonen's main concern when working with sound as we can learn from his quotes below:

"The notion of time is acquired in the passage from one moment to another not in the moment itself."
Jukka Vakkinen-Kannonen.

"Sine waves seem to end nowhere and start never."
Jukka Vakkinen-Kannonen.
creditsreleased 01 February 2011
Written and produced by Jukka Vakkinen-Kannonen
Mastering and design by Piibe


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