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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ibreathefur - Phosphenes

Ibreathefur is the ambient/experimental project name of Chris Spearman, based in South East England. Earlier this year, he has had a split cassette release with He Can Jog on the Luvsound Records sublabel Wolf Interval and this Autumn, he is due an EP CD release on the brilliant Under The Spire label (www.underthespire.co.uk).
Other on-going projects include composing for live art performances and independent film.

Here for his EP Audio Gourmet, 'Phosphenes' is an example of the sort of finely-woven ambient drones that you can expect to hear from him.

A few words from Chris on the concept behind this brief but highly compelling listen:

"These three tracks are inspired by the sensation of light that can occur without light actually entering the eye; a phenomenon known as phosphenes. I tend to experience phosphenes when I am in a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep (especially on long train journeys), with abstract patterns manifesting themselves seemingly within my own eyes. Even though these light patterns seem random, my mind in its half-sleep state associates an equally-as-abstract sense of beauty and understanding to them. Occasionally these phosphenes cross over into actual dreams, and forms begin to emerge out of the light."

We hope you enjoy this superb free E.P from Ibreathefur and support Chris's future output off the back of hearing this stunning piece of work.

creditsreleased 28 June 2010
Produced by Chris Spearman
Artwork supplied by Chris Spearman


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