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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lexithimie - I Rather Die Terrified

French ambient sound designer Alexis Bechu, under his Lexithimie artist banner. Over the last year or so, he's had some excellent work released on Hibernate, Resting Bell and Rural Colours to name but a few, with his output spanning a wide range of dense drones and field recordings. Now for Audio Gourmet, Alexis has put together this two track EP that sees him head in a darker direction with the main concept being to try to get the listener to confront their deepest fears face on.

The soundscapes here are dense, dark and murky but there is plenty of detail throughout these two pieces to get to grips with. Chimes, glitching electronic sound effects and field recordings serve to punctuate the atmospheric drones to be found within this EP, with interluding moments of suspense adding balance to the overall body of work.

For more information on Lexithimie, visit his Myspace page:

Notable past releases:
"No Matter How Many Times, Repeat" on Hibernate:

"Leontopodium" on Resting Bell:

"I Wish Someone Was Waiting For Me Somewhere" on Rural Colours:


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