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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Headaches - It sounds like

Landon Speers, the guy behind Headaches gives a few words on the creative process behind this body of work:

"The track is one form of a semi-improvisational piece that can be played with many different outcomes. In an effort to utilize aleatory in my work, I put together 96 samples from a Casio keyboard. I arranged them into eight groups of twelve melodic elements ranging from lows to highs. Each group can be played/programmed separately or in unison with any other of the eight groups. Altering how samples are played, the piece can take on various forms; from slow and droning to fast and percussive, rendering the potential for as many ways to perform it as there are chances too."

And describing the sound he creates, Landon says:

"it sounds like the process of dying and my particles turning into light and they're shooting up to the sun- they keep going faster and faster until they reach space where things start to slow down; not because im actually moving slower but because the scale of everything is growing and im getting smaller along it- the track starts getting more distant and icey as it tails off and eventually im away from everything familiar and theres a sense of isolation and cold ive never known and then it all just sort of dissipates intoâ¦"

For more information on this talented emerging artist, please visit the following link:
creditsreleased 18 November 2010
All music written and produced by Landon Speers.
Artwork by Landon Speers

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